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The Fiction: Dr. Anthony Forrest was the head scientist in an experiment on children in the 1970s. The idea was to give them superhuman abilities by infusing them with a third strand of DNA, or, a GNA - Genetic Nanotechnological Advancement. Very few of them were ever activated...
until now.

The Reality: Who doesn't love superheroes? But so often the case, we read (or watch) about heroes we already know about like Superman ™ or the Hulk ™. Have you ever wanted to create your own? That's what we've done - And you can help!

From this website, you will find a series of origin stories for a number of characters set in the "GNA Universe." Think of them as a writer's prompt. An idea of what can be done. From here, you can create your own charaters, or, if you like, use one of the myriad we've got here. We'll be happy to publish your stories here (and, of course, include you on any royalties that may come of it - duh).

But this isn't just an area for writers! Artists are welcome as well! After all, what's a comic book without pictures? There are a number of stories below under the "Origins" heading, but there will be other sections like "Missions," for when a character (or team) has an adventure, or "Down-Time," where, for example, we can learn more about the character's back story.

If you're not feeling creative, then you can read all you want. Most of these stories are in some eBook format and just text at the moment, but the artists will come. After all, we built it, right?

If you're not into super heroes but really into writing stories, check out our sister page "The Wryte Project". (To find out "Y" it's spelled that way, check out the site.)

To submit a story, email us! submissions@steele42.com.