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The Wryte Project

This may (eventually) be one of the most creative pages on the internet!

No, seriously!

The purpose of the Wryte Project (spelled that way because 'write' was taken) is to get people interested in writing and reading again. Why writing and reading? Because if people don't write, what is there to read? Besides, everyone has a story to tell.

What we're trying to do here is collect stories and put them out there for people to read. That's it. Yes, you will retain all rights to your material. Yes, you can publish it elsewhere if you want to. I just want people to get inspired to write.

You know that story you always tell at the family reunion? Write it down and tell everyone! How about the story about the time you went to that place and did the thing? You know... the thing! I don't know what thing - you haven't told me, yet. Write it down! And don't let your writing past get in your way. We will in no way hold you to a particular style. Want to make it conversational? Go for it! Want to use ye olde APA Stylebook? Knock yourself out!

And here's the fun bit, want to make it fictional? Go right ahead! Make up a detective story! Or a horror! Or a romance! Maybe poetry is your thing! Whatever you want! We'll convert whatever you send to eBook formats and make it available for people to read!

Want to just read? The links are below. There will even be categories once we get enough writing. This is going to be a fun site and wildly creative. Artwork is appreciated if you have it. If not, we can work with artists to make something for you.

Just have fun with it.

Need inspiration? Try our sister site, "The GNA Project". It may look geared toward comic books, but it's got some tremendous ideas and characters premade to use.

Just remember, this is for fun! No pressure here at all! No deadlines! Enjoy yourself!

To submit a story, email us! submissions@steele42.com.